He Said/She Said featuring The Black Couple:”Sex on the first date?”

“Is it ok to have sex with someone on the first date?”

Kelli: Yes it is! Newsflash, we’re living in a new millennium. While its “expected” for women to make a man wait for a lil “something, something,” women have JUST as many hormones as men. When we see a man, we may fantasize, first, about children and later about what one does to get those children!  Two grown adults should be able to decide what’s best for their relationship. If you meet a man and you’re a little backed up and you want to get straight to that horizontal mambo, as long as you have protection, no remorse and no care for the fact that the male may wake up and never speak to you again, I say get it girl! I know plenty of women who’ve had sex on their first date and the results have varied. Some men respect a woman for going after what she wants upfront while others are intimidated. I’ve heard of people falling in love at first sight and knowing on their first date they’d found “The One” so they decided to immediately seal the deal. My point is that two grown people should be able to maneuver the waters of a relationship together without the moral boundaries set up by the old timers! As long as you know what’s best for you and what YOU can handle (not what the MAN can handle, ladies, but YOU) then I say if the first date got you feeling like a panty dropper, drop ‘em! The experience can teach you a lot about who you are and who you want to be. It’s ridiculous to say you should NEVER have sex on the first date because everyone has different circumstances.

Derrick:  I beg to differ!  When a woman gives up the goods on the first date us men often reason that if it was that easy for me in the beginning, how many other men has she allowed to do the same?  A man wants some semblance of a challenge.  We enjoy the chase because it excites us.  To capture the prize with no resistance makes us apprehensive about pursuing any further relationship with the woman.  Sex is STILL sacred and a woman must control the parameters of her sexuality at all times. A man will treat you in the future the exact same way in which he was initially introduced to you.  A woman who exposes her body to someone she knows nothing about usually gets treated afterwards like a nothing and a whore.  The sexual revolution Kelli’s boasting about isn’t revolving around respect.  You must make a man earn your sacred treasure.  Anything worth waiting for is worth having. So make that man wait ladies and he’ll come running back!

Kelli: Okay but haven’t you said in past relationships with women, you’ve tired of waiting and moved on to someone who would give it up quicker?

Derrick: Maybe. And don’t you make it a rule to never sleep with a man before two weeks of dating?

Kelli: Maybe but my point is, “To each, his own.” That works for me but not for all situations!

Derrick: Well making me wait is why you’re still here!

Kelli: (Rolling eyes) No because if you would’ve waited and the sex was horrible, you wouldn’t be here! It had nothing to do with the wait. At the end of the day you have to keep a man wanting more…and there are many different ways to do it!

Derrick: But the best plan is making a man wait for it. What do the readers think? Y’all know I’m right!

Kelli: Negro, please! I am.

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4 thoughts on “He Said/She Said featuring The Black Couple:”Sex on the first date?””

  1. Women, please hold off a little while. I know sometimes we have a dry spell and are in need of a hook up. But a few months won’t make a difference. Why risk the chance that he might be a good catch, but you blew it. Or. In a couple of months you see the real him and be glad you kept your legs closed. There use to be a saying that sex rules the word. Sex won’t rule anything if if come a dime a dozen.

    PS. if a guy can’t wait a couple of months, he didn’t want anything in the first place.


  2. One day people will wake up an realize if a man is a woman is giving it up on the first date so is a MAN. Hello! When did this ignorance come about that its just the woman. Is it the make up of our sexual organs?? It’s ridiculous to think that I would have to hold out for a man can feel like a chase. When do you become to old for games or when can you reach an age where you know what you want and can respect another person for knowing what they want. If a man is kissing me down, trying to initiate sex on a first date if he wanted a chase he shouldn’t be starting something. He needs to HOLD out and keep sex off the topic. Just the same as a woman. People get over this ignorant notion that its just the woman giving herself up. Its the man too. I have not called back men before because I felt like they gave it up to easy… to easy to drop their pants and pull out their penis after they then already been down to eat… now does he do that so easy for all women he comes into contact with?? probably or not. I have given it up on the first date and I have waited several months. So, for a man to assume I give it up all the time is not accurate, but he’d have to be mature to realize ADULTS should and do know what they want and when they want it no games needed and no chase. Growup where not teenagers anymore nor in the 1960s.


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