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Webster Cinema: CASABLANCA

Aw romance! The sweetness of love, the flowers, the candy, the chase and pursuit of the woman with whom you are falling deeply and madly in love

Here's looking at you kid!

with.  Living it is one thing, watching in on the silver screen is a drastically different experience. For most of us, the thought of viewing any romantic movie (whether dramatic or comedic) is a nightmare.With most, the story lines are predictable, the characters are 2 dimensional, and well they are just boring to watch. Love and romance are much like watching golf on TV, its much more fun doing it in real life than watching others doing on-screen.

Romance in many ways is about style and attitude and few romantic movies

"....she walks into mine."

can effectively capture those attributes effectively. However with any rule there are exceptions, and Casablanca is one of those exceptions. Released in 1942, it is not exactly the summer blockbuster that we are used to today, yet its themes and story are timeless.

Casablanca focuses on an American named Rick (played by Humphrey Bogart), the owner of Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca. Rick’s life is soon turned upside down when Ilsa (the one that got away) shows up in his bar unexpectedly with her husband Victor Laszlo (yes her husband!).  Throw in some letters of

"I'm Shocked! Shocked!..."

transit, the Germans, and the fact that Ilsa’s husband is wanted by the Germans, you get a convoluted love story that will keep you guessing until the end. Will Ilsa chose Rick or Victor? Will the Germans capture Lazslo? Will Capt. Renault blackmail every pretty young newlywed into sleeping with him? You don’t know how the story will unfold until the very end.

Bogart as Rick displayed a certain style and strength as he deals with the long

"Play it again Sam."

lost love that has just walked into his life. His pain, his loss, and his conviction are constantly displayed throughout the film. It’s no wonder he was nominated for the best actor Oscar for this film.

62 years and 3 Oscars later, Casablanca continues to stand the test of time.  Rarely would a World War II era film hold up for audiences in 2010, but love and romance is something that we all can relate too.  Casablanca is a romance that any Webster man would love.


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