The Webster Man: 10 To Follow on Twitter

We are plugged into the Matrix! Unlike the movie, we are not connected to the machine through plugs in the back of our heads, but by devices on the side of our hips. Before it was just endless im’s, texts, and emails, now we are even more connected through social networking. At its rise Myspace was king, now but a distant memory many have migrated to the world of Facebook. Others choose to  rapidly assimilate information through updating timelines on Twitter. With so many people to follow, who’s tweets are worth digesting? Here are 10 On Twitter that every Webster Man should follow.

Knowing his way around the kitchen is as essential to a Webster Man as breathing. With that being said follow the  Food Network and  Saveur Magazine. Both provide any Webster Man with the knowledge he needs to whip a 30 minute quickie meal or a 7 course gourmet dinner.

As the say “A man cannot live by bread alone.”, and a Webster Man is no different. For many, outside of women and food, tech, politics, and sports dominate the remaining portion of our temporal lobes. Getting our daily sports fix is a must (ok it’s really every 5 mins)! ESPN is the best way to get the latest sports headline on your timeline. In the realm of tech, G4TV and Gizmodo will deliver all your tech needs from the latest Iphone rumors to the impressions of the Halo reach beta, and everything in between. To know all the ins and outs of what’s going on in Washington, D.C., The Hill and NPR Politics provide up to the minute news about today’s political headlines.

Sports…check! Tech and Politics…check! Food…check check! With all of those essentials out-of-the-way, what else is left for the Webster man to follow? Why style of course! Outside of @Websterstyle (naturally), The Style Blogger is the best around. He isn’t Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man for nothing.

No Twitter timeline is complete without the inspirational and motivational tweets of Ralph Marston. Even Diddy follows him! Rounding out the list is Manhood Speaks. Serving as a platform for thoughts on what truly defines manhood, Manhood Speaks is one that no Webster Man should pass up.

These are but a fraction of the multitude of people that a Webster Man can follow. If you have to be plugged in, at least make your time in the matrix worthwhile. So what shall it be, the red pill or the blue pill?

The Webster Man: 10 To Follow on Twitter

1. @Foodnetwork

2. @Saveurmag

3. @ESPN

4. @G4TV

5. @Gizmodo

6. @Thehill

7. @Nprpolitics

8. @Thestyleblogger

9. @Ralphmarston

10. @Manhoodspeaks


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  1. k. white says:

    you should ad to that list:



    1. websterstyle says:

      They will be in the next top 10


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