Why I Find the Kick Ass Uproar to be Idiotic.

I am not getting why people are in such an uproar over Kick Ass. The comic was brutal enough on its own and if people checked it out before passing judgment on it, then they would know to skip it.

Now there has already been press about the parents outraged over this movie and I would think with all the ads out there and with the many resources available to them, they should know before they send their kids to the movies what they are watching.

I saw the movie as a screener back in March and while I was impressed at how closely it stuck to the source material, I knew right then and there that this was going to cause an uproar from ‘concerned parents’.

This is that same uproar that we heard from parents when GTA San Andreas came out with the hot coffee mod came out and in some sense, this is the same outrage we heard way back in the 50s and 60s  people said that comics were bad for kids’ mental health.

This reminds me of the similar outrage that people had for South Park The Movie, which ironically was about the outrage of parents letting their kids see what they consider ‘harmful movies’, and so many people really missed the true message of the movie itself.  If you don’t know what your kid is watching. Watch it. Read about it so you can make an informed decision.  Don’t get angry after the fact to cover that at point you failed your duty as a parent.

It pisses me off to no end when parents get things for their kids without ever reading the contents and think “Oh, it’s a colorful cartoon” or “Oh it’s a comic book” or “Oh it’s a video game” that it’s OK for MY CHILD to play it.  That is the message that South Park: The Movie conveyed. Be active in your child’s life and be prepared to explain adult content when it appears in a so-called innocent form.  Rule number one should always be just because it’s animated does NOT mean it’s for kids!  Heck, even for those of us that were raised up on Tom and Jerry or Bugs Bunny cartoons had an idea of how violent they were because most of our moms (at least my mom and grandma) to us not to go try it just because you saw it on TV.  Not to mention also that these cartoons were racist. If any of you dare, just go to youtube and look up some of these cartoons in their original form and you’ll see what I am talking about.

Bottom line is this, the comic book, cartoon, movie and video game industry caters to everyone and in most instances, more than enough steps have been taken to ensure that ample information has been given to parents to let them make an informed decision about what they expose their kids to.  We are living in a time where if you have a successful comic, cartoon or game then surely a movie must be made and once kids see it on TV or see a friend playing it, they will want it.  Just yesterday while picking up Yakuza 3, the guy in front of me was buying COD: MW 2 for his son who didn’t look a day over 9 or 10.  The only thing I could hope in the back of my mind was that he already knew what he was getting for his kid and not be shocked when his son reaches the scene where he’s killing people in the airport. If it were my child, he wouldn’t play that game at all but, it’s not my business.

We know what sells. We know what draws kids in because, we were kids ourselves. Many of us snuck and saw a few films that we had no business seeing, or better yet, some of our parents took us to see stuff that was waaaaay over our heads. I saw Jaws when I was 5 years old and was scared shitless for about a month and my mom explained that Jaws can’t get you in a pool. We all have at some point in our young lives been exposed to things that at the time we weren’t ready for and if we had good parents and a solid foundation, we knew what it was all about. Today’s parents have far more than enough resources right at their fingertips to get informed about stuff they want to shield their kids from so I say to these parents, stop it.  If you don’t like Kick Ass or any other ‘offensive’ movie that may disturb your child then do us a favor and 1) read up on it.  2) don’t be “that one” dragging your 6 year old into the theater, didn’t know that film contained all of that violence, stayed, and wondering why she is calling everyone ‘cunts’ afterwards 3) Explain to your kid that you let see this movie what’s going on and don’t get mad when they tell you about it later.  If you keep all of this in mind and get out of the mindset that just because it’s “ animated or a game, it’s for kids,”  things will be ok.


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