The Webster Shop Files: Genesis Barber Shop

For many the barber shop is the last bastion of manhood left in the world. It’s a place where all the pretenses of the world can be left behind and men can just talk about anything from politics, to cars, to music, and of course women. Of course the main draw of the barber shop is that a man will enter one way, but through the artistry of his skilled barber he will leave feeling (and looking) like a brand new man. This rebirth is something that the barbers at Genesis Barber Shop are masters of.

Located in Woodbridge, VA just south of Washington, DC, the barbers of Genesis are always on top of their game. The shop is adorned with cultural references and icons that span 60 years. Pictures of the Rat Pack and Miles Davis hang side by side with those of modern icons such as the Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, and Jay Z. As you enter the shop, the sounds of Sportscenter permeate the air, and the occasional “He’s on fire!” echos from the vintage NBA Jam machine located in rear of the shop while various genre sounds bellow from Sirius satellite radio. The sensory impact of the shop is but an appetizer to the real jewel of the shop: the barbers.  Omar Lavender, Kenneth Mack, Dayvon Deaton, and Dewayne Foster are some of best in the DC area. It doesn’t matter if you desire a fade, mohawk, afro, or what ever else your personal style maybe, these men can handle all requests.

To the men of Genesis Barber Shop a customer isn’t a customer, they are family. They know that for many of us, the barber shop is a home away from home, and Genesis Barber Shop is no different. Genesis Barber Shop is definitely a cut above the rest.

Genesis Barber Shop is located on 1411 Old Bridge Road in Woodbridge, VA.

@Genesisbarbers on Twitter

Genesis Barber Shop on Myspace

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