The Daily Ritual: Secrets of the Cabinet

Every new day brings new light and a new change to achieve your dreams. Each new day also gives another chance to perfect the ritual. That ritual where we walk into the bathroom as a groggy mess of a human being, and emerge as an alert and functional individual. Most of all we emerge from the cocoon of slumber clean, suave, and ready to take on whatever the world has to offer. Delve into the cabinet of one particular Webster man, and learn his secrets to taming the beast within.

The Cabinet

The top shelf contains a mixture of products for facial and hair needs. The NXT facial wash, facial moisturizer, and after shave (not pictured) are some of the best in these class of products that I have ever used. The NXT products use mint as an active ingredient and are designed for those with sensitive skin.  I don’t fit into that category, but the NXT products do an excellent job of cleaning and protecting my skin.

Next we find Pro Line Comb Thru moisturizer. Its an inexpensive and non greasy solution to keep my hair manageable throughout the day. The top shelve is completed by On the Go shaving gel. For a bottle of shaving gel that came from the dollar store, it give me the closet shave that I have ever had.

The middle shelf houses one item and one item only, the Schick Quattro titanium razor. A trimmer, edger, & razor all in one. Quite simply the BEST RAZOR THAT I HAVE EVER USED!

The bottom shelf  highlights my desire to smell good and look good at all times and in every situation. I have become a fan of body sprays as of late. I am currently using Old Spice “After Hours” scented body spray. I became familiar with the “After Hours” scent after using the body wash of the same variety. The spray is a pleasant smell that lasts all day. Next is Right Guard invisible solid with the power strip. I have to say that I’m not to picky about deodorants as long as it does three things : 1. Go on invisible, 2. Smell good, & 3. Last all day.  The Right Guard does all three, so I am more than satisfied. The shelf is completed with a single blade electric razor. I have never been a fan of electric razors, but it comes in handy when I just want to be “neat” and not fully shaven.

As we close the door on this cabinet, we are reminded that different Webster men use different tools of the trade.  Stay tuned as we examine some of those tools in our next installments.


1 thought on “The Daily Ritual: Secrets of the Cabinet”

  1. The barbershop is on point…what’s the best way to cut your hair when the top is begining to less thick as the sides?

    The webster definitions and man are on point! I like it.
    Black Male Privilege…interesting…i’ll say “black male challenge”. interesting literature

    The Daily Ritual: Secrets of the Cabinet – wow interesting funny. I can’t grow more than 2 inches cause then my thining bald spot will be evident lol so much of the moisterizer isn’t for me. in about 3 years, i probably will be shaving it all off if my hair isn’t thickening. But the information is good.

    I personally use “unforgivable” by sean john or “clear water”

    William E.
    God made, God sustained.


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