Time’s Arrow: A pocketful of style from the past

For many the thought of traveling back in time conjurers up images of a flux capacitor infused DeLorean. Taking a trip to the past is easier than speeding down the highway at 88 mph. A pocket watch can instantly transport one through ripples in the fabric of time and still remain contemporary and stylish.

I think that I am predisposed to pocket watches because I have never been fan of wrist watches. Pocket watches have always captivated me since my first one in high school. Even in my shirt and tie clad catholic high school, a pocket watch wielding 16-year-old was still an abnormality.

Pocket watches can be worn to accent outfits for any occasion. Obviously the three-piece suit is a perfect match for the stylish timepiece. Even the standard club outfit (button down shirt & dress denim) can be jazzed up it.

The very mention of a pocket watch conjures up images of zoot suits and jazz clubs of the 20’s. All storied images of our style past, yet this timepiece can still be very much a part of our style present and future.Β  Classic style never dies. The pocket watch is one of those things that never really goes away.

I look forward to riding time’s arrow back to the future. For meΒ  the pocket watch is here to stay… actually it never went away.

Be Blessed and Make Today Count!


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