5 Simple Rules For Dating Women

Dating is most likely the hardest activity any male will encounter in their life. Dealing with and understanding women is a skill that every man will spend a lifetime learning, but is one that we will never master. The following “Rules” are designed to make dating and relationships just a bit more manageable.

Rule 1: Don’t Try To Sleep With Her!

For the most part, women have pretty much made up their mind as to whether or not they are going to sleep with you. It’s usually a sure thing as long as you don’t do or say something stupid. She’s not stupid, she knows that you want to sleep with her, and acting like a dog in heat is a sure fire way to cancel all of your chances of taking her home (Please note showing her that you are interested in her and showing that you want to sleep with her are two different things). More importantly it will destroy any chance you have of building a lasting relationship with her.

Try redirecting all that carnal desire by focusing on her. Learn about her wants, need, and goals in life. If you take the time to learn about who she is on the inside, she will want to get into the sack with you even more. More importantly, taking time to learn about who she is will help to provide a solid foundation for any future relationship.

Rule 2: Chivalry is not dead!

No one is asking you to slay any dragons nor are you going to be asked put your jacket over a puddle, but would it hurt to open a door for a lady? Opening a door (any and all doors) and pulling out her chair when you go out will get you very far with her. Any woman will be appreciative, and an appreciative woman will make your life a lot easier and happier. The next time you go out, try opening the door for your lady or the random runway model that’s walking behind you. You will be pleasantly surprised by the reaction that you get.

Rule 3: Don’t be afraid to let her in.

Being emotional is something that men are told not to be from an early age. If you are emotional, you are weak, you are a sissy, you are not a man… at least that is what many of us were taught growing up.  In many ways, this is our greatest problem in building strong long-lasting relationships. I’m not talking about telling her your life story on the first date, but as time goes on tell her about what makes you tick. Tell her your hopes and dreams, your fears, your failures, and your secrets. She can’t fall in love with you don’t give her the keys to do so.

Rule 4: Be Honest

This is a must! If you are just dating to find a FWB (or many different ones), just say so. If you are looking for a potential mate, tell her. Being upfront about what you are looking for and your intentions will go a long way to helping you find the exact woman who you are looking for.

Rule 5: Compliment her!

I’m not talking about feeding her some cheesy line designed get in her pants, I’m talking about an honest sincere compliment. We all want to feel desired from the person that we are with, and your woman is no different. Send her a random text message or email telling her that you find her beautiful (or something along those lines). A random compliment from you is guaranteed to put a smile on her face that will get her through the day. It may also help to turn your night into a very non PG rated affair.

Be Blessed and Make Today Count!


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