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The Happy Hour: Tequila Slammer

SavedPicture-2014710191921.jpgThere are a variety recipes for our featured cocktail the Tequila Slammer. Some use champagne (or other sparkling wines), while others use Sprite or similar carbonated beverages. We are presenting one featuring ginger beer, because frankly we love ginger beer. Ginger beer plus your finest tequila is a combination that we can’t resist.

* 1 Shot Tequila
* 1 Shot Ginger Beer

Pour ingredients into the glass with ice and drink immediately.





Bow Tie Thursday with @Switchwood

Bow ties have traditionally been seen as a creation of twisting and sewing fabric of all types and hues into magnificent neck adornments. In recent years there have been quite a number of companies who have set out to innovative the bow tie through the use of a new material; wood. One such company that is blazing a trail with the wooden bow tie is SwitchWood.

Developed by designer Drew Storm Graham and Sergio Villarroel, SwitchWood not only became an obsession but a passion. This passion evolved into a mission to create an unsurpassed product that  emphasizes quality and integrity as the corner stones of the company. With the help of precision technology and meticulous craftsmanship, SwitchWood aims to ensure that each piece is a true work of art.

For more information on Switchwood and their collection, visit them at www.Switchwoods.com.