Webster Style Spotlight: Root Bizzle (@RootBizzleTies)

rbWhat does $25 dollars a month buy you? For many, twenty-five bucks per month is nowhere near what they spend monthly on Starbucks coffee. What it we told you that $25 a month would allow an Italian silk tie to be delivered to your doorstep each month. Well its possible with Root Bizzle monthly tie club. This isn’t a subscription service in the vain of Tie Society or Fresh Neck. The ties that you receive are yours to keep forever.

Root Bizzle allows you to choose the style of tie that you would like based on the size (regular and extra long) and the style (whimsical, skinny, and business). At $25 a month, Root Bizzle offers a traditional service while providing ties that far exceed the monthly membership fee. Who would have thought that a getting a beautiful Italian silk tie every month would be cheaper than your monthly (or even weekly) Starbucks habit.

Currently they are offering 50% off first month with the discount code “Grabatologist”. For more information on Root Bizzle and their monthly tie club, visit them at RootBizzle.com.


Almost Human Review

Originally posted on Pop Culture Uncovered:

There are a lot of times when I think just when I couldn’t put anymore shows on my list of things to watch, a new one comes on. And to be frank it comes on right around the time I am contemplating taking some things off of my DVR list.

After so much waiting and hype, Almost Human on Fox debuts to a 2 night premier and frankly, I am glad that it did. This is a gratifying show that fans of Ghost in the Shell, Total Recall and Blade Runner have been looking forward to for months and to me personally although the first episode was just above average, last night’s episode  was a huge improvement.

The pilot stars, Karl Urban (yes Eomer, Judge Dredd and Dr. McCoy!!) as John Kennex as a cop in the near future where the world is overrun with crime and nearly humanistic androids…

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The New Definition of the Urban Male


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