Dreadnought Shaving (@DreadnoughtUSA): A Luxury Shave for Any Gentleman

With its first appearance in 1906, the British class of battleships known as the Dreadnought featured heavy-caliber guns in turrets making them formidable opponents on the high seas of war. Seeking to recreate the spirit the of the battleship in a new plane of battle, the Dreadnought shaving company has established a formidable line of luxury men’s grooming products aimed to give every man a high quality shave one stroke at a time. Dreadnought offers a line of products including shaving cream, pre-shave oil, post shave balm, razors, brushes, and antiperspirants. While we would have loved to test their entire product line, the good gentleman at Dreadnought were kind enough to send us a few of their shaving essential (pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and post shave balm) to test and review. Enough with the pleasantries, let’s find out if Dreadnought shaving products are worth your time and money.


In many circles presentation is everything. Regardless of how good your product is, the packaging of your product can make or break a sale. With their foil adorned packaging, Dreadnought shaving products makes it well-known from the outset that you are purchasing a high quality product. This also extends to the quality of the jars for the shaving cream and post-shave balm with both featuring tin embossed caps. Again a presentation of quality is evident before you even open the jar.

WP_20130728_001Pre-Shave Oil

Designed to be used before the application of the shaving cream, the pre-shave oil mainly consist of castor oil and olive oil combined with additional ingredients that help to promote a softening of the skin and to allow for a smoother shave. The Pre-Shave oil does a very good job lubricating the hairs and preparing the skin for the ensuing shaving process. The oil itself is not very oily, and features a very pleasant smell which is attributed to the limonene and linalool which are contained in the mixture.

WP_20130728_015Shaving Cream

The shaving cream is not your average shaving cream. Those that are used to Barbasol and the like are in for a pleasant surprise. Lathering up with a small almond size amount provides a smooth luscious coating to the hairs and skin. Featuring a composition that includes Myristic Acid, Aloe Vera, and coconut acid, the cream itself feels as if it is a skin treatment and not a shaving cream, and that is a very good thing. One of the major selling points is that it contains Decelerine, a compound that has been proven to reduce the appearance of hair over the course of time (several months) allowing a smoother shave over time. While it was only used for a week with not much in the way of noticeable hair growth restriction, a significant decrease in razor bumps was noticed.

WP_20130728_005Post-Shave Balm

The post-shave balm is the crown jewel of the products (our opinion) that Dreadnought offers. Not to besmirch the high quality shaving cream, but the post-shave balm is a soothing and dare it be said a joyous experience after shaving. Featuring a mixture that heavily features Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, the balm offers a soothing calmness to the skin after a shave.


After spending the last week using Dreadnought shaving products it must be said that they most certainly are luxury line of shaving products. With the application of each component, you feel as if you are applying a product 2 to 3 times the price of what you actually pay for them. From the pre-shave oil to the post-shave balm, Dreadnought provides a quality line up of shaving products for a very reasonable price. While $19 for a 100ml container seems like a non-starter compared to $1.25 for 283ml of Barbasol, this is certainly a case where you will get so much more for your money. After all is finished, Dreadnought shaving products are a worthwhile investment for any and every gentleman that is seeking a quality shave.

For more information on Dreadnought Shaving, visit them at Dreadnought-Shaving.com.



The Wolverine review by @dreddeddeuce (SPOILERS!)

the_wolverine_digital_exclusive-001Ok I will say it, out of the 3 comic book movies I have seen this summer,  after seeing The Wolverine, it was coherently better put together than Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.  You didn’t have a 2nd act that dragged on forever, hokey villains and mass destruction that had fans question the super-hero.  A few months back, fans were skeptical about this movie and rightly so after the disasters of X-Men 3 and Wolverine Origins but this film just might be the best yet of all of the X-Men films.

The movie’s story picks up after X-3 as Logan shuns society and lives in seclusion in the mountains haunted by the death of Jean Grey at his hands.  Eventually he is tracked by Shingen Yashida who wants to repay a debt to Logan for saving his life during WWII.  Logan travels to Japan only to find that of course, not all is as it seems.

For myself, this movies hits a lot of high notes for me as the story of the movie takes me back to when I first jumped in on the Uncanny X-men comics #173 and then went back to put the whole picture together as to what Logan’s relationship was with Mariko and the Yashida clan.  This movie was a great retelling of that storyline and in my opinion well paced.  The first action piece at the funeral scene was a bit chaotic and had a little too much ‘shaky cam’ for it but beyond that most of the fight scenes were well choreographed.

thCA2M8A09 (2)As far as the actors are concerned, Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Wolverine and no matter how you feel about him, he still plays the haunted figure very well.  He has the task of playing a ronin reluctantly drawn into the world of Japanese underworld politics while dealing with a mysterious loss of his powers and possibly finding a new love interest and at the same time getting over Jean Grey (reprised by Famke Jansson) and it’s fair to say that it’s well balanced throughout the movie.  Tao Okamoto was pretty decent as Mariko, but I really enjoyed Rila Fukushima as Yukio and watching the 3 of them work together brought back memories of a younger me trying to understand how the 3 of them work together as a dynamic. I always thought of Yukio as having an unrequited crush on Logan as she is very much like him however she knows that his heart now belongs to Mariko and she respects that.  And then there is Sventlana Khodchenkova playing Viper and while to a certain point I may have thought she was wasted in this movie, it was a great nod to see Madame Hydra pop up and I still wonder even with her getting strung up and run down by an elevator if she still may be back later down the road.

thCAQICRCIAll in all, I really enjoyed this movie but as with most movies, there are a few small quibbles. First, the chopstick scene…did you see it?  Watch again.  But something else kind of got me also is that Wolverine is supposed to have a great sense of smell so there were a few points the bugged me where he should have been able to sense certain people before they got as close as the did without him noticing and no bigger point did this bug me than at the end with Magneto showing up and standing right behind him at the airport.  Outside of all else, those were my two biggest complaints (but really, no one is going to notice a bleeding Canadian on a train and not say anything? ok.)

For those that had trepidations about seeing this movie, I would say go ahead and see it. Sure it may have been by the numbers but the romp is much more worth it.  It really made up for the last one and again if remember reading the Wolverine comics back in the 80s, you would get a kick out of this.

4 out of 5 stars


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