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Webster Style Magazine Podcast 20- Is to too early to think about the fall?

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In this episode we come to the realization that Summer is almost over and Fall will soon make its entrance. We look at summer sale items, must have items for fall, a product review from, a review of the new Kill Shakespeare mini series, and details about The Board of Directors’ 2nd annual Makings of a Man Symposium. Intro and Outro music entitled Changes (It’s Time) by J Hill the Singer (

The Board of Directors 2nd annual Makings of a Man Symposium August 7, 2014 at 5:00 PM at The Cecil Tillis Center (2111 Simpkins Ln, Columbia, SC 29204)

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The Mask of Night Expands The @KillShakespeare Universe while removing hearts.

SavedPicture-2014625182448.pngPirates and the high seas set the scene for the return of the acclaimed series Kill Shakespeare with the new mini series The Mask of Night published by IDW. The Mask of Night sees the return of Hamlet, Othello, and Juliet while introducing us to new versions of Viola and Cesario from the Shakespearean comedy Twelfth Night. As our story unfolds, our heroes find themselves on the ship of the pirate Cesario after the destruction of the island during the Tide of Blood.

SavedPicture-201462518258.pngThe Mask of Night (TMoN) is again helmed by the writing team of Anthony Del Col and Connor McCreery with art by Any Belanger. By retaining the original (and only) creative team, TMoN maintains the same the same visual and written integrity of the previous series, but the new setting adds a welcome change and renewed vigor to the series. The swashbuckling nature of Cesario’s pirate escapades adds even more urgency to the pace of the story.

Othelo’s delirium, Viola and Cesario’s torrid love affair, Juliet’s revelation, evading the cannibal Lucius, and bloody mutiny all highlight the intense nature of just the first two issues of TMoN. With only two issues remaining in the series, The Mask of Night is sure to bring out all of the stops at it sails toward its finale. So far The Mask of Night is shaping up the turn the world of Kill Shakespeare upside down.